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STEP Lab Fatigue Testing Systems

Dynamic and Fatigue Testing Machines

STEP Lab offers the widest range of systems for dynamic tests and fatigue tests up to 200 kN. We are leaders in the construction of electrical machines based linear motors and electromechanical actuators with which we cover a wide range of applications for materials and product testing.

These applications include: 

  • high and low-cycle fatigue

  • low-cycle fatigue

  • thermomechanical fatigue

  • crack propagation and growth studies

  • fracture toughness

  • bi-axial tests

  • axial-torsional and multi-axial tests

  • high strain rate tests

  • quasi-static tests

  • creep tests

  • stress-relaxation tests and more

Electromechanical actuators are suitable for tests with accelerations up to 2 g with dynamic loads of up to 200kN and are versatile for multi-actuator applications. Our linear motors, on the other hand, reach accelerations of tens of G, frequencies of 300 Hz and continuous loads of 40 kN with peaks of 80 kN.

Fatigue Testing Systems #1.png
Fatigue Testing Systems #2.png
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