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STEP Lab Electrodynamic Testing Systems

Electrodynamic Testing Machines

STEP Lab produces systems for very high dynamic mechanical tests such as high cycle fatigue or on shock absorbers.
We have the largest catalog of machines based on linear motors, divided into three families:

UD - For continuous dynamic testing over millions of cycles
HUD - Suitable for high dynamic tests and also for endurance tests due to high continuous forces
XUD - Dedicated to short-duration tests with the achievement of incredible accelerations.

In keeping with our tradition, these machines enjoy the advantages of electric machines, so they are easy to install,
non-polluting, and easy to maintain.

Electrodynamic Testing Systems.png
Electrodynamic Components.png
Static Testing Systems Features.png
UD Range.png
UD Series Table.png
HUD Series Table.png
XUH Series Table.png


  • Ergonomic and flexible design thanks to the various structures available

  • Closed-loop force and displacement control via Test Center controller

  • High-resolution data acquisition in 24bit

  • Up to 8 controlled and synchronized axes

  • Control station in a separate and independent position

  • Simple and flexible test management via Test Center graphical interface

  • Wide variety of grips, dedicated test accessories, and load cells

  • Integration with extensometers and climatic chambers

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