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STEP Lab Electromechanical Testing Systems

Electromechanical Testing Machines

At STEP Lab we produce electromechanical actuators with unrivaled performance and great flexibility being suitable for both static and dynamic testing. In particular, they are prepared for fatigue testing. Our test machines with loads from 200 N to 280 kN, developed by our researchers offer a wide choice of test speeds with high-quality load frames combined with intelligent drive systems.

This dynamic and fatigue testing system certifies products or materials to the
following standards:

ASTM E606- ASTM E399- ASTM E647- ASTM E466- ASTM D6484- ASTM D3479
ISO 13003- ISO 12110- ISO 14849- ISO 12106- DIN 50100

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The EA dynamic and fatigue testing machine is suitable for tests in both force and position control with high accuracy and speed requirements.

The high performance of the measuring and control systems adopted allows the machine to be certified according to ISO, EN, and ASTM standards.

  • Dynamic and fatigue testing machine

  • Created for HCF tests [High Cycles Fatigue]

  • Designed to work in multiactuator mode or alone.

  • Dynamic loads range up to 200kN

  • Zero maintenance and easy installation

  • Low energy consuming

  • Highly reliable test.

  • ISO 12106- ASTM E606- DIN 50100- ASTM E399- ASTM E647- ASTM E466- ASTM D6484- ASTM D3479- ISO 13003- ISO 12110- ISO 14849

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