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STEP Lab Static Testing Systems


Our static material testing machines are suitable for applications in all sectors, both in quality control and research projects, offering exceptional performance with materials and products of all kinds.

We also offer a flexible machine that is not limited to static testing but goes
dynamic testing as well, offering great benefits for our customers.
Our testing machines with loads from 200 N to 280 kN, developed by our
researchers offer a wide choice of test speeds with load frames
high-quality load frames combined with intelligent drive systems.

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Static Testing Systems Features.png


  • Closed-loop force and displacement control via Test Centre controller

  • Maximum accelerations up to 2g

  • Control and acquisition loops up to 8 kHz

  • High-resolution 24-bit data acquisition

  • Possibility of installation on any type of structure and support alone or up to 8 controlled axes

  • Installation in different positions

  • Control station in a separate and independent position

  • Simple and flexible test management via graphical Test Centre interface

  • Ideal for cleanroom use

  • Wide variety of grips, dedicated test accessories, and load cells

  • Integration with extensometers and climatic chambers

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Certified Standards






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Certified Standards Rubber.png
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