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STEP Lab Damper Testing Systems

STEP Lab produces systems for all types of shock absorber testing, guaranteeing flexibility of use and high performance..We capitalize on our specialization in electrodynamic systems by producing in-house software and hardware platforms for the characterization and testing of shock absorbers for cars, motorbikes, and trucks.

Our products are designed to surpass hydraulic systems by effectively meeting the demand for high performance, ease of installation, and low energy consumption.

We offer the widest range of suspension and shock absorber test benches on the market with peak dynamic loads up to 80 kN and continuous dynamic loads up to 40 kN.

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  • Widest range of loads on the market.

  • Test Centre software platform with dedicated shock absorber test modules.

  • Outstanding dynamic performance.

  • Almost zero maintenance costs.

  • Low energy consumption, thanks to efficient electrical systems.

  • Managing multiple machines in a synchronized manner to create a 4-poster system.

  • Possibility of installation on any type of structure and support alone or up to 8 controlled and synchronized axes.

  • Simple and flexible test management via graphical Test Centre interface.

  • Ideal for use in cleanrooms.

  • Capable of testing active dampers whatever the drive mode (stepper motors, DC motors, and solenoids).

  • A wide range of signals and sensors can be acquired.

We are proud to offer the widest range of shock absorber test benches based on linear motors.

Our electrodynamic systems are divided into two families:

  • the first suitable for flexible use (EA series)

  • the second dedicated to situations where exceptional dynamics are required thanks to linear actuators (up to 100G).

Both product families are managed by the same controller and software packages, scalable according to the required performance.

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