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Very High Resolution Digital Electronic Calibrators - Model 3590VHR

Epsilon Model 3590VHR Extensometer Calibrator

Epsilon’s very high resolution calibrator features 20 nanometers (0.8 microinches) resolution and has 50 mm (2 inches) of measuring range. The 3590VHR calibrator meets the accuracy and resolution requirements for ASTM E83 Class B-1 for extensometers with gauge lengths ≥6 mm, and meets ISO 9513 Class 0,5, both over the full measuring range of the calibrator. The 3590VHR includes a Touch Display digital readout and PC software.

The 3590VHR calibrator has the high resolution and accuracy required to calibrate and verify extensometers to ASTM E83 Class B-1 and to ISO 9513 Class 0,5. The 3590VHR’s resolution is 20 nanometers.

Like all of Epsilon’s extensometer calibrators, the 3590VHR is itself calibrated using a laser interferometer at our ISO 17025 accredited facility. The 3590VHR is provided with a calibration that is traceable to NPL in the UK, which has equivalency to NIST and many other national standards organizations. A calibration certificate is included.

These calibrators are fast and easy to use due to the simple controls and large digital readouts. The 3590VHR has coarse positioning adjustment for large displacements and fine adjustment that allows positioning to approximately 0.02 μm (0.8 μin). They have enough measuring range to calibrate nearly all extensometers and the resolution necessary to calibrate extensometers with low measuring ranges.

A Touch Display digital readout and software for a PC are included. The calibrator can be used with either or both. The Touch Display and software both provide readouts in millimeters, inches or % strain and have tap-to-zero or click-to-zero functions. The digital displays can reduce operator errors compared to calibrators with mechanical vernier scales.

A wide range of adapters are available to allow use with axial, transverse, shear, and many other specialized extensometers. The calibrator comes with round adapters (9.52 mm [0.375 inches] diameter) that work with many typical axial extensometers. Specialized adapters are available. For very long gauge length extensometers, optional extension posts are available. Contact Epsilon for a configuration that is an exact match for your extensometer.

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