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Digital Electronic Calibrators - Model 3590

Epsilon Model 3590 Extensometer Calibrator

Epsilon’s standard calibrator features 0.001 mm (50 microinches) resolution and has 50 mm (2 inches) of measuring range. The autozero button and digital display greatly simplify calibration of extensometers. The 3590 calibrator is useful for extensometer calibration and verification with test systems.

When it comes time to calibrate your extensometers, these calibrators are easier to use and faster than any others on the market. They have enough measuring range to calibrate nearly all extensometers.

The digital display reads mm and changes to inches at the touch of a button. The autozero button is a great help in calibrating. Just press the button to start readings from zero. The digital display reduces operator error.

A wide range of adapters are available. The calibrator comes with round adapters (9.52 mm [0.375 inches] diameter) that work with many typical axial extensometers. Specialized adapters are available. For very long gauge length extensometers, optional extension posts are available. An option is available for digital SPC output for interfacing with PCs. The calibrator is provided with a calibration traceable to NPL (UK standards organization).

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