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Precision Video Extensometers - X-Sight Alpha 2D DIC

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Alpha 2D DIC System


The Alpha 2D DIC is a straightforward and versatile single- or multi-camera device suitable for experimental validation of your designs, calculations, numerical simulations.

Alpha 2D is ideal for assessing various mechanical characteristics of your machines, assemblies, and structures.

This system comes with the complete DIC software functionality and contains all available software modules.

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Why 3D Optical Extensometer?


  • Prevention of measurement distortion due to out-of-plane displacement, which is not prevented by the test rig sufficiently

  • Accurate measurement and determination of Poisson's ratio of thin samples susceptible to tilting (composites, metal sheets, fabrics)

  • Control of 3D movement of measured samples and adjacent parts (sample clamping system, test rig frame, etc.)

  • Identification of sample cracking, bending or buckling

  • Identification of non-symmetric thermal expansion deformations

  • Identification and validation of actual sample deformations in 3D

  • Test rig sample loading issues, test rig set-up, test rig adjustment

Alpha 2D Technical Details.png
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  • Additional Camera

  • 3D DIC software module

  • Stereobar camera mount

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