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STEP Lab Drop Weight Impact Testing Systems

Drop Weight Impact

STEP Lab impact test systems are test systems for performing single and multiple axial impact tests on standardized products and specimens. The systems allow impact energies ranging from 0.2 to 2000 J, allowing a wide range of products and materials to be tested, thanks also to the large volume available for sample placement. We provide highly competitive facilities thanks to the wide range of ac-accessories such as load cells, anti-rebound systems, spring accelerators, and the wide range of impactors instrumented and specimen holders.

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All versions of drop towers are equipped with direct velocity readout and an automatic impactor recovery and positioning system we also offer a wide range of easily modified supports, masses, fixtures, and accessories for puncture resistance tests, tensile impact tests, and wedge peel tests along with compression and component tests.

To complete the offerings in addition to the wide range of standard accessories, there is the possibility of collaborating with STEP Lab to develop the equipment that most closely matches the customer’s needs.

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