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GIGAFORTE 50 #2.jpg

The GIGAFORTE 50 was specially developed for tests in the VHCF regime. With the test frequency of 1000 Hz tests with more than 100 millions of load cycles can be done in a reasonable time. It is possible to test standard samples or small components load or strain controlled.

Technical data:

Max. peak value: 50 kN tension/compression
Max. dynamic load: 50 kN (+/- 25 kN)
Max. static load:+/- 50 kN
Dynamic stroke: 0,2 mm (+/- 0,1 mm)
Test frequency approx: 1000 Hz (+/- approx. 3 % depending on sample stiffness)
Horizontal daylight: 400 mm
Max. vertical test space: 330 mm (other values on request)
Control modes: Load control or stroke control (acceleration controlled vibration tests possible)
Sample thread sizes: M 27 x 2 or smaller
Total weight approx: 1200 kg


Sound insulation cabin is required!

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