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This handy resonant testing machine is ideal for tests on small specimens in fatigue or fracture mechanics. Another application is in the accompaniment of production processes (welded joints) for quality control. The machine is also frequently used within „Hot Cells“ in nuclear technology. It can be additionally equipped for operating with a manipulator.

Technical data:

Max. peak value of the bending moment: 160 Nm
Max. static value of the bending moment: 100 Nm
Max. dynamic bending moment (+/-80 Nm): 160 Nm
Dimensions depending on the mounted gripping head: 354 x 662 mm
Weight: 65 kg
Control unit: 25 kg
Power requirements: 230 V / 6 A

Range of operating frequency 40 – 250 Hz (depending on specimen and additional module – adjustable in 5 steps)

The machine consists of the basic module with the resonant drive and the drive for the static load. With additional masses the operating frequency can be changed.

Easily interchangeable additional modules are available to ensure a multifunctional use of the testing machine.

The following additional modules are regularly available.

• Bending module 160 Nm for specimen 24x12x80 mm
• Bending module 70 Nm for specimen 10x10x55 mm (Charpy-specimen)
• Bending module 15 Nm Mini-Charpy-specimen (special version of the bending module 70 Nm)
• Torsionsmodul 160 Nm Einspannung 4-Kant 12x12 mm
• Tension module 8000N for CT-specimen up to W = 1“
• Various additional modules have been built to customer specifications, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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