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walter+bai 1000kN Servo-hydraulic test system

This walter+bai 1000 kN system was design and supplied to perform Proof Loading tests on a range of Nuts and Bolts used within the construction industry.

Due to the loads involved and the nature of the test, the load frame was designed to provide a very high stiffness characteristic. Thus, if a Nut of Bolts failed the system would absorb the energy. A long stroke actuator was incorporated to make changes between different bolt lengths easy and quick. An reinforced  and interlocked safety enclosure is fitted.

As this system is included within a small laboratory, the control system, the computer and the hydraulic power supply are all hosed within a 19” racking.

walter+bai have been designing and manufacturing a wide range of Material test equipment from their facility in Switzerland for over 50 years.

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walter+bai Universal Testing MachineSeries LF-1000kN #2.jpg
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