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April 2022 - walter+bai 50kN Electro-dynamic test system

We recently commissioned a 50 kN Electro-dynamic Walter+bai test system at a leading University in Ireland.

The system is designed to perform 3 & 4 Point flexural tests on beams up to 3000 mm long. In addition, the system can be configured to perform tensile, compression and cyclic tests.

The Walter+bai PCS High-speed digital controller provides closed-loop control in position, load and strain and can acquire test data at acquisition rates of up to 14.4KHz per channel synchronously.

Strain measurements are taken by the Tri-pod mounted Non-contacting X-Sight Video Extensometer which is currently set-up for Axial strain measurement. But can be expanded to acquire transverse strain and full surface analyses with the addition of software modules.  

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walker+bai LFM-C-50 #2.jpg
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