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Precision Optical Extensometers - Imetrum Vector


Vector is a self contained non-contact extensometer for strain and extension measurement - capable of replacing multiple sensors with a single unit

Vector is a new concept in strain and extension measurement. It is capable of replacing multiple sensors with a single, industry specific instrument, resulting in reducing throughput times and improving measurement accuracy and consistency.

Case Study: Testing metals to ASTM and ISO standards.

The non-contact Vector range is intended as a clip-on replacement for monotonic material testing. Depending on the specimen width size, gauge length and elongation will determine which Vector model to select. Typically, Vector U70 is designed for small to medium specimens and Vector U200 is designed for medium to large specimens.



Do you need a measurement system that provides accurate results? Vector is capable of meeting and exceeding the requirements of extensometer standards ISO9513 Class 0.5 and ASTM E83 B-1.


Are you looking for a system that gives you the assurance that you are testing to the standard required? Vector simplifies the operator interaction and improves test reliability:

  • Enables automated zero touch control

  • Simplifies operator interaction

  • Improves test throughput capacity

  • Simplifies Workflows

  • Allows variations in user interactions

  • Reduces training requirements.


Are you testing specimens of different dimensions and appearances? Vector’s flexible working distances allow for a diverse range of materials from composites to metals, plastics to rubbers and ceramics to natural materials.


Do you require multiple gauge lengths and the simplicity of a clip on? Vector replaces a wide range of measurement sensors such as clip-on, automatic and video extensometers with a single device, in many cases eliminating the need for multiple instruments per test station.

Truly non-contact measurement

Vector reduces the challenges of traditional extensometers. It encapsulates all the benefits of non-contact measurement with none of the drawbacks:

  • Increases testing efficiency by reducing handling operations

  • Measures strain through failure

  • Operates in harsh environments with no loss of functionality

  • Tests highly fragile specimens

  • Allows rapid specimen throughput with easy integration to automation systems

  • Keeps up with your testing requirements.

Vector reduces total cost of ownership

Vector’s extensometer represents a significantly reduced capital investment compared to advanced extensometers such as video and automated systems, whilst also offering a comparable lifetime cost to that of a single clip-on extensometer system.

Proudly Made in Britain
Quality assured

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                Vector U200                                         Vector U70

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