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Ibertest Electro-mechanical Testing Machine - EUROTEST Series


Customized and flexible design, single testing space or double testing space. Material testing machine developed to meet the highest standards in materials testing according to international test standards: ISO 6892 tensile test, IS 1608, EN 10002-1, ASTM D695 compression test, bending test ASTM E290, test according to NADCAP.

Maximum precision determination of the key parameters in multiple materials testing, such as the yield strength, 0.2% upper limit and lower creep rupture load, ultimate elongation, etc. Automatic calculation of anisotropy and sourness by combining axial and transverse strain gauges extensometers.

The available settings for EUROTEST series, of IBERTEST, are almost limitless. EUROTEST Electromechanical material testing machine can adapt to width, length, capacity (up to 1200kN), test standards, etc.. required.

The combination of a versatile framework with dozens of testing devices and interchangeable load cells, environmental chambers, furnaces, extensometry (manual and automatic) … give this a testing machine wide possibilities for all types of static and fatigue tests at low frequencies.

Product Description

The evolution of electromechanical testing machines

The material testing machine of EUROTEST series, combines the experience of over 40 years manufacturing material testing solutions . It arises from the application of the latest advances in technology for material testing, to the previous models of electromechanical material testing machine , ELECTROTEST and ELIB series.

Advantages of electromechanical machine for materials testing EUROTEST


  • Full adaptation to customer needs

  • Single or double testing space, equipped with one or several interchangeable load cells.

  • Automatic recognition of installed load cell.

  • Configurable dimensions without compromising the maximum stiffness criteria.

  • Double prestressed screw balls drivers and chromed steel columns to guide mobile crosshead, ensuring optimum behavior against lateral loads and ensuring the conservation of axiality . This feature makes EUROTEST series the perfect solution for materials testing in leading sectors such as aeronautics according to NADCAP requirements.

  • Possibility to incorporate an axiality verification device.

  • Fully automatic operation with test force speed, displacement and deformation controled by servocontrol.

  • Total user safety

  • Driven by high performance servomotor

  • Special system transmission through belt and gears to ensure maximum system reliability, low power consumption, minimum noise

More information

The maximum liability elements of IBERTEST material testing machine are subjected to a thorough evaluation by our metrology laboratory where we have equipment calibrated and traceable as profile projector, hardness testers, roughness, coordinate measuring machine, calipers, thermometers, metrological reference tables, etc.

All our machines go through a final and definitive verification of performance and functionality , being subjected to a calibration process by our official laboratory of calibration, accredited by ENAC ( ILAC member ).

These electromechanical testing machines are particularly suitable for tensile testing according to ISO 6892 , IS 1608, EN 10002 – 1, ASTM D695 Compression test , bending test, ASTM E290 , tests according NADCAP GE- S400 , CREEP ASTM E 139 , ASTM E190 test welds , shear test , test materials at high temperature EN1002 -5, ASTM E 1012, fatigue tests for constant amplitude BS EN ISO 7270, fatigue testing at low frequency NFA 03403 , tensile and compression tests on ceramic matrix composites.

Application of any specimen type : standardized specimens with threaded or machined head , flat , welded metal joints mechanical and adhesive bonds among others.

Wide variety of materials can be tested in the testing machine EUROTEST: steel, titanium , aluminum, wood , composites, plastics, elastomers , rubbers , biomaterials, cement, medical materials, prosthetic teeth.

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