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High Elongation Extensometers - Model 3800

Epsilon Model 3800 Extensometer

Designed for rubber, elastomer and high-elongation plastics testing for strains from 100%-2000%ε. Their unique design allows testing to failure and minimizes interaction with the sample.

Epsilon extensometers are COMPATIBLE WITH VIRTUALLY EVERY BRAND OF TEST EQUIPMENT and can be supplied with the correct connector to plug in directly, or supplied with a separate conditioner and amplifier.

The main body of this unique extensometer remains stationary during testing, held in position by the adjustable magnetic base included. Only the very light, small traveling heads move as the sample elongates during a test. These attach to the sample with small spring clips. Each head pulls a cord out from the extensometer as the head moves.

These models use low friction potentiometers and have a range of factory-selectable outputs. The extensometer is driven by an excitation voltage and has output proportional to the input. They are provided with outputs that mimic strain gaged devices (2-4 mV/V). The Model 3800 can be used with virtually any signal conditioning electronics designed for strain gaged sensors. For systems lacking the required electronics, Epsilon can provide a variety of solutions for signal conditioning.

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