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Sheet Metal r-Value Extensometers – Model 3575AVG

Epsilon Model 3575 AVG Extensometer

Designed for measuring plastic strain ratio (r-value) in sheet metal testing, this extensometer averages the lateral strain at two locations. This model may be used simultaneously with the Model 3542 axial extensometer.

This extensometer is self-supporting on the sample. It has rounded contact edges which measure the sample at two locations. As the test sample is pulled, the contact edges follow the part of the sample they were mounted on, measuring lateral strain on the sample at the same location throughout the test. The extensometer has a single output, which is the average of the two lateral measurements.

Model 3575AVG extensometers are applicable for testing to ISO 10113 and ASTM E517. They are used with a 50 mm or 2 inch gauge length Model 3542 extensometer, which measures the axial strain.

Model 3575AVG extensometers are strain gaged devices, making them compatible with any electronics designed for strain gaged transducers. Most often they are connected to a test machine controller with electronics for a strain channel, and Epsilon will equip the extensometer with a compatible connector that is wired to plug directly into the controller. For systems lacking the required electronics, Epsilon can provide a variety of signal conditioning solutions that enable connecting to data acquisition systems or other equipment.

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