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Averaging Axial Extensometers - Model 3442AVG

Epsilon Model 3442AVG Extensometer

This all-purpose averaging axial extensometer is used in tension or compression to measure Young’s modulus, offset yield, and strain to failure. It is compact and lightweight. Gauge length is set automatically for fast specimen mounting.

The Model 3442AVG is optimized for high-accuracy tension and compression testing. It measures strain simultaneously on opposite sides of the specimen to average out specimen misalgnment while measuring axial strain. The averaging capability is useful for measuring Young’s modulus per ASTM E111, properties of composite materials per ISO 527 and ASTM D3039, and compression of metals per ASTM E9. It is compact, lightweight, and may be used through specimen failure with most materials. It is fatigue rated and may be used in strain control.

The extensometer sets its gauge length automatically when it is mounted on the specimen. This feature improves repeatability, reduces operator errors and saves time. Just mount the extensometer and it will be at its gauge length and ready for testing.

This extensometer’s output can be configured in two ways: with a single output for average strain measurement, or with separate outputs for measuring strain separately on opposite sides of the specimen with two strain channels. The configuration with two outputs can be used during test setup or during the test to measure specimen bending (strain uniformity) caused by misalignment or specimen machining imperfections.

Due to its compact size, the 3442AVG is not compatible with transverse extensometers. To measure Poisson’s ratio, the Model 3442AVG may be used in combination with a transverse adhesively bonded strain gage, or other other extensometers may be used such as Model 3560BIA or Model 3542 in combination with Model 3575.

Model 3442AVG extensometers are strain gaged devices, making them compatible with any electronics designed for strain gaged transducers. Most often they are connected to a test machine controller, and Epsilon will equip the extensometer with a compatible connector wired to plug directly into the controller. For systems lacking the required electronics, Epsilon can provide a variety of solutions for signal conditioning and connection to data acquisition systems or other equipment.

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