Epsilon Knife Edges for Epsilon Extensometers

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All of the following knife edges will fit all models of Epsilon extensometers that use knife edges. The exceptions are high temperature units that use ceramic rods, specialty extensometers that require conical point contacts, asphalt extensometers, clip-on gages, and deflectometers.

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Standard Knife Edges.jpg

Produced from hardened tool steel, these knife edges are used for a wide range of applications, and can be used on both round and rectangular shaped specimens. These are the standard knife edges supplied with most Epsilon extensometers.

Standard Knife Edges

(PART NO. 350210-01)

Three-Point Contact Knife Edges

(PART NO. 354299)

Three-Point Contact Knife Edges.jpg

These knife edges were designed for use on flat specimens. They ensure stable contact on flat test samples due to 3-point contact.

Dual Bevel Knife Edges

(PART NO. 350210V2-01)

Dual Bevel Knife Edges.jpg

Produced from high toughness tool steel. These knife edges are used in applications where the standard knife edges may experience excessive chipping, such as on very hard metals. They are also ideal for high modulus composites.

Vee Knife Edges

(PART NO. 9903-01-01)

Vee Knife Edges.jpg

Designed for use on round specimens, these knife edges will self-center the extensometer on the specimen.

Extended Knife Edges

(PART NO. 350210EXT-01)

Extended Knife Edges.jpg

Knife edges for applications where the additional length is required, such as where the grips are very close together. Longer lengths are available on special order.

Hardened Stainless Steel

(PART NO. 350210-02)

Hardened Stainless Steel.jpg

These knife edges are designed to be used in environments where additional strength and corrosion resistance is required. Primary applications are in biomedical testing where the knife edges may be exposed to saline solutions.

Rounded Knife Edges

(PART NO. 350210-BLUNT)

Rounded Knife Edges.jpg

Knife edges designed for use on transverse extensometers and applications where blunt edges are required. These are primarily used on transverse or diametral extensometers, such as the 3575, 3575AVG and 3675.

Ceramic Knife Edges

(PART NO. 350210C2-01)

Ceramic Knife Edges.jpg

These knife edges are typically used in low cycle fatigue applications on hard metals where metallic knife edges would likely experience undue wear. They are also used on the submersible Model 4030 extensometer to prevent galvanic corrosion between the extensometer and the test specimen.

Bolt-On Knife Edges for Fracture Mechanics


Bolt-On Knife Edges.jpg

Reusable bolt-on knife edges for attaching COD gages to fracture mechanics and fatigue crack growth specimens. Sold in sets of two. 30° knife edge angle. Made of nickel-plated tool steel. Includes 4x 1/4″ 2-56 screws and hex wrench. Hole size also fits M2 screws. Rated to 500 °C (932 °F).