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Labortech DP.3 Series



High-Energy parachutes of the DP series. 3 with a nominal energy of up to 120,000J are intended for conducting tests of materials, samples in the area of high energies. Our equipment is used to test and simulate the behavior of materials and components at different speeds, energies, impact heights, collisions, accidental drops and repeated impacts. Parachutes are produced in several modifications and are designed in such a way that, in conjunction with an integrated touch LCD monitor with DROPTest-S software or a full-fledged PC with DROPTest – BASIC software, they fully meet customer requirements and test standards according to EN, ISO, ASTM, GOST, BS or NF.


  • Robust vertical frame with high rigidity and resistance to dynamic interference, durability, convenient ergonomic layout and maintenance-free operation.

  • The machine is controlled by a SIEMENS PLC with integrated touch LCD display with DROPTest-S software in the base of the machine.

  • Complete evaluation and management of the test is ensured by the software for impact testing of materials DROPTest – BASIC

  • The unique combination of the magnetic protection system in cooperation with the ELHY electro-hydraulic device enables optimization of the hammer rebound.

  • Automatic introduction of the sample into the test zone by the manipulator, breaking the sample within 10 sec.

  • Automatic lifting of the caliper according to the required energy with precise electronic travel to the defined position. Extension with instrumentation with measurement of force and impact path with a measurement speed of 4MHz.

  • Automatic identification of instrumented test mandrels working in the accuracy class according to EN ISO 7500-1, ASTM E4 with the possibility of linearization.

  • The device meets all the necessary safety requirements, such as DIN 51 333, EN ISO 13489 and other European standards.

  • Protective safety cover in the working area of the machine with high safety EN ISO 13849-1 / 2 Calibrated weights by an accredited laboratory according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 – Act 505/1990.

  • The possibility of expanding the machine with various mandrels, clamping fixtures, temperature chambers, robotic workplaces…

 DPFest DP.3 up to 120,000 J 

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