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Dual Test Space Tension, Compression and Flexure

Dual Test Space Static Servohydraulic Machines up to 5000 kN

Hydraulic machines manufactured by Ibertest covers a wide range of applications and loads, from 600 to 5000kN in standard versions.

The main advantage of hydraulic acting is its capacity of generating high loads with simple and cost effective systems.

Testing machines are available with fixed or mobile crosshead, single or double testing space, hydraulic actuator in the top of the machine or in the bottom.

Ibertest offers for each customer the most suitable solution. With the appropriate combination of testing devices, any type of test can be performed: tensile test, compression test, bending test, folding test, shear test, etc..

Tension, Compression and Flexure Test Systems

Static Servohydraulic Machines up to 1000 kN

Compact and modular designed servohydraulic actuated test systems with the actuator is integrated in the machine’s base, providing a reduced over-all machine height.

They feature compact design is especially suitable for laboratories with reduced ceiling heights. These single work space machines allow carrying out tensile-, compression- or bending tests.

Accuracy according to ISO 7500-1 etc., class 0.5 with high resolution and synchronized measurement on all channels.

Fatigue Test Systems

Fatigue Test Systems

w+b offers a wide range of dynamic and fatigue testing systems in different force capacities and configurations to meet the requirements of quality control, production, product research and development.

We are offering flexible, reliable and high-performance test system in standard design or as customized solutions ranging from up to high force for materials and components testing.

The portfolio includes Electrodynamic and Servohydraulic Systems covering a wide range of dynamic, fatigue and monotonic applications including TMF (Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue), LCF (Low-Cycle Fatigue), Fracture Mechanics, HCF (High-Cycle Fatigue), High-Strain Rate and Component Testing.

Bi-axial Fatigue Test Systems

Bi-Axial Test Systems

During service components are often subjected to multiaxial stresses. For biaxial testing of materials, particularly composites, metals, textiles, biomaterials or plastic under a wide range of biaxial stress states, typically a cruciform specimen in conjunction with a testing machine capable of bearing independently controlled loading on two orthogonal axes is used. The cruciform specimen avoids stress concentrations and provide a uniformly stressed test section. Load application for the cruciform can be accomplished in a robust frame supplied with a separate drives (either electromechanical or servohydraulic) and separate load cell to check for off-axis or unbalanced loading. Depending on test conditions w+b offers Biaxial Testing Systems in different configurations adapted to multiaxial testing in creep, static strength, fatigue or high speed mode in different force ranges. Available are systems with Electromechanical Drives or Servohydraulic Actuators.