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To achieve the optimum performance and reliability from your materials testing machines, as well as making sure you comply with company and relevant Health and Safety requirements, your material testing equipment should be regularly serviced and maintained.

We therefore offer a range of service products, from basic annual maintenance contracts to full maintenance programs including consumable parts, such as filter elements and hydraulic oil, and monitoring and reporting of the system condition, hoses, accumulators and servo valves.

Our service partner has the capability to maintain, calibrate and adjust all brands of universal testing machines and accessories, including MTS, Instron, RUMUL, Zwick, Mayes, Lloyd, Tinius Olsen, Dartec, Mand and Schenck.

• Calibrations accredited to ISO 17025

• Force (0.05N up to 2MN) to ISO 7500-1, ISO 7500-2, ASTM E4

• Displacement (stroke) to in-house, UKAS accredited, procedure

• Extension (strain) ISO 9513, ASTM E83

And traceable calibrations for:

• Alignment

• Torque

• Rotation