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Impact Energy up to 50 Joules

Ibertest IMPACTEST Series

Low load pendulum impact test, ISO and ASTM for plastics and composites.

Equipement designed for Charpy and Izod test.

Automatic pendulum releases, digital control system,color touchscreen and conexion to PC by USB. Designed to meet ISO 179, ASTM D6110, DIN 53453, DIN 53753, BS 7413, 50115 and ASTM E23 testing standards.

Interchangeable impact test loads: from 1 J to 50 J, depending on the model

Impact Energy up to 750 Joules

Ibertest PIB Series

Our pendulum makes use of the most advanced technology, together with the highest quality and our extensive know-how to suit all national and international standards. They can be used to conduct impact test according to Charpy and Izod, as well as impact tensile test.

Pendulum rising procedure motorized, digital control and configuration system by means of full color touch screen interface and USB connection to PC.

Designed to cover with the most demanding international standards for impact testing: ASTM E23, ISO 148, EN 10045-1, DIN 50115, ISO/R 84-1959.

Interchangeable impact energies: 150 Joules, 300 Joules, 450 Joules y 750 Joules.

Full robotization of impact test procedure available. Devices for cryogenic test sample preparation.

Instrumented version on demand, for determination of absorbed energy by means of striker deformation dynamic measurement.

Specimen Conditioning

Ibertest Cooling Systems

Digital controller, air-cooled version. This refrigerated circulator is equipped with a bath opening for direct temperature controlling samples. The built-in CFC-free cooling circuit enables efficient heat removal.

This unit is often used to replace expensive tap water cooling; robust design using high grade stainless steel and temperature resistant polymer with sealed bath cover; removable fan grid allows easy cleaning; bath is equipped with handles and drain opening; 2-speed power-pump to reduce turbulences in open baths, wear-free; integrated overload protection; user-resettable, adjustable over temperature cut-out and low liquid level protection; easy to operate by only 4 navigation keys; electronic PID control using a highly sensitive sensor for excellent temperature accuracy; R