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Impact Energy up to 50 Joules

walter + bai Series PH 25 - 50 Joule Pendulum Impact test systems with exchangeable pendulums with strikers anvils and specimen supports. With motorised hammer lifting system including electro-magnetic brake Standard for Type PH 50 Joule, Option for Type PH 25 Joule.With quick, easy and accurate specimen centring device.

Rigid design avoiding secondary swinging. Electronic high resolution angle-transducer (encoder) and interface board for PC with connecting cable. Electro-mechanical safety release mechanism of the pendulum. Electro-magnetic brake for the pendulum. Safety guard with remote control and safety door. Option for IZOD testing.

Impact Energy up to 750 Joules

walter + bai Series PH 150 - 750 Joule. Versatile, extendable Pendulum Impact Tester with adjustable energy/velocity designed for non-instrumented or instrumented tests according to Charpy, IZOD or Impact Tensile Tests. 

This easy to use impact tester is available in the energy range from 150 to 750 Joule and fully comply with EN 10045-2, ASTM E23, ISO 148 and ISO 83.

Extendable with instrumentation package with strain gauged striker, optional deformation measurement, ultra-high speed data acquisition system and data analysis software. The laser opto-electronic-measuring-system for deflection (bending) and crack opening measurement for the experimental determination of the intensity of stress, KID/KIC-factor can also be attached.

Specimen Conditioning

walter + bai digital controller, air-cooled version. This refrigerated circulator is equipped with a bath opening for direct temperature controlling samples. The built-in CFC-free cooling circuit enables efficient heat removal.

This unit is often used to replace expensive tap water cooling; robust design using high grade stainless steel and temperature resistant polymer with sealed bath cover; removable fan grid allows easy cleaning; bath is equipped with handles and drain opening; 2-speed power-pump to reduce turbulences in open baths, wear-free; integrated overload protection; user-resettable, adjustable over temperature cut-out and low liquid level protection; easy to operate by only 4 navigation keys; electronic PID control using a highly sensitive sensor for excellent temperature accuracy; R