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Tensile, Compression & Flexure Test Systems

Electromechanical Table and Foor Standing Machines 2500 kN

These floor-standing state-of-the-art testing systems using the latest technology, as all of our testing machines, providing uncompromising quality and therefore representing a range of accurate and reliable testing machines.

Typical application for this medium load, rigid 4-column systems, include testing of metals & alloys, fasteners, composite materials, forgings, joints, geotextiles or cement. The ergonomic design and rigid construction render this system the perfect solution for highly efficient testing.

Electric Actuator Test Systems

Electromechanical Central Spindle Machines

The LFMZ testing systems are central spindle electromechanical fatigue reverse Testing Machines specially designed for slow speed and slow strain rate applications including Creep & Relaxation, LCF (Low-Cycle Fatigue), TMF (Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue) and general slow speed static and quasi-dynamic cyclic testing.

To assure highest control accuracy even at lowest strain rates and long-term trouble-free operation in static and cyclic fatigue reverse modes the spindle system of the LFMZ Series is fully bedded in oil os as reduce friction in the spindle to a minimum.

Electro-Dynamic Fatigue Test Systems

Electrodynamic Table-Top Fatigue Testing Systems

The Series LFV-E is fluid-free non-hydraulic system, with force capacities up to 12 kN for fatigue and durability testing.
This testing system can be used for constant load, monotonic, cyclic (dynamic) swelling or alternating loads in a closed loop control.

As measuring and control channel the axial piston stroke, force / stress or elongation / strain of sample is available. Further external control channels can be connected as physical or virtual (calculated), wich are to be used either for monitoring (passive mode) or for operation of system (ative mode).

Electrodynamic Drive Technology
The state-of-the-art fluid-free non-hydraulic ServoElectric drive mounted on the upper crosshead represents the latest high speed versatile and reliable fatigue rated drive technology, providing backlash-free motion with no fluid compressibility to compromise position accuracy.
The ideal solution for laboratories that desire a compact, space saving, clean and relatively low force unit that requires no environmental consideration and nearly no maintenance.

Resonant High Cycle Fatigue Test Systems

Electrodynamic Resonant Fatigue Testing Systems

RUMUL Resonant testing machines stress specimens or components with a dynamic load superimposed to a static load. The machines are equipped with a digital controller for each kind of load.

The dynamic load is generated by an oscillating system (resonator) which runs in its natural frequency. The oscillating system consists of masses and springs whereas the test piece is also an important part of it. The masses can be varied to change the operating frequency in steps.

The static load is made by a spindle and is coupled to the system by a spring. The machines discussed here are operating at full resonance, that means the operating point is on the peak of the resonant curve.

The resonantor is excited by an electromagnet which has to supply the energy to maintain the required load amplitude.

Due to the resonant effect the power consumption is very low (typical 20 to 1000 Watts), that means 3% to 10% in comparison to a servo-hydraulic testing machine. The operating frequency is in a range of 40 to 300 Hz on standard machines